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How to use the various categories for your blogs

Can I have my own categories ? You surely can. Reach out to the “webmeister” and provide name, nickname, slug, categories and category hierarchies.

Comments: Keep them always clean and respectful of the person who will receive them. The work might be lousy and some tough comments might be required but brotherly love prevails unconditionally.

Stories: They have no opinion or judgment associated. They belong to their authors regardless of how real or imaginary they might be. They are meant to be read and interpreted freely. Comments may include feelings and lasting impressions on how they were received by the reader.

Studies: Provide the sources you work from and the studies that come along. Comments will tell you what we think about as well. It all can be wild. Never attack individuals but you can surely dissect the work they provided.

Opinions: Provide the sources you work from and tell us what you think about. Comments will tell you what we think about as well. It all can be wild. We’ll sort it out at the end. No blood on the carpet and no visible scars on the individuals.

No single fit:  Whatever is not well organized yet. It might receive weird comments but the goal is to help the post grow into some serious writing. Here too: brotherly love is not negotiable even if the post is that bad.

Shaping iron

Does God really speak to you each time you have a thought coming to your mind ?

The Holy Spirit will plant all kinds of ideas in our minds in order to keep our hopes high and to be ready to accept what the Father intends for us to pursue.

Once, I had this picture in mind: I was in a blacksmith shop. A huge square box was filled with burning coal so hot that everything looked white. Above the fire, a huge pile of iron sticks were intertwined, holding on each other, making a pile that extended the fire box into a square tower. The Father was there and turning the iron sticks in the fire so the place they needed shaped was getting white hot. I was watching all these iron sticks and each of them represented an idea that at some point had come to my mind but the iron was never given to me. I waited, amazed by what was going on.

Then He took one stick out of the fire and handed it to me, showing me the white area He wanted me to shape. It was not a big stick but it still needed shaped. He handed me the right size hammer and gave some directions as to how He wanted the shaped iron to look like. So I did. As the iron was cooling down it became impossible to continue shaping it without breaking it since it had become too hard to shape. So I handed it back to Him and He put it back into the fire.

Many times I was the iron that needed shaped. At other times He gave me irons to shape and I did not know where they came from and where they were headed to. All I know is that I keep watching all these irons in the fire and hoping to get one I can shape according to His Will and to His Plan.