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  1. Matt Hornberger/ Pastor 4th St Church of God

    Thank you again to all who came out to participate in my installation as the pastor of this ministry, please continue to pray as we seek God’s will in the service of our Lord and our Community.

  2. The Accordionist Post

    What an interesting way to remind us what the forefathers had in mind and what they believed was the true inspiration of the greatness of this country. The riches, the diversity and the opportunities found here should never be taken for granted.

  3. Avatar

    We are on vacation, so finally had time to spend a little time here. Read a sermon, I don’t really get to listen to the messages on Sunday due to my activity level. I always enjoyed the printed sermons for that very reason. Don’t have internet at home. What was the “oatmeal” story, the sermon stated “tell the oatmeal story”? Like the site- really been enhanced since the last tiem I was here, though it takes some time to chew through it.

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