Mission Rally

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Last Night our Gang at 4th St did a great job welcoming and participating in the biannual Mission Rally with Ben Tobias. Our level of support both financially and with the worship made a big difference. I was really blessed; It made me feel really good to be a part of this Ministry, and it is my prayer that God bring our churches together in the task we all have before us.  Reaching our communities for Christ will take all of us working together with one vision and one goal to the Glory of our Savior Jesus Christ.  God Bless all –Matt

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  1. Daniel Weber

    It was a lot of fun.
    We know how to Make a Joyful and Loud organized Noise together.
    And we Love it.
    Thank you all for the good time and the good mood. Especially how everybody responded in the pews. It was awesome.
    There is nothing better than Unity in singing together. Even Heaven knows it and does it permanently.

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