Addiction to Jesus

Let's tackle Addiction

I am dead serious when addiction comes up. I suffer from it, my late wife Stephanie died from it and it has become an epidemic size problem for the whole world.

It started with a piece of forbidden fruit. Today there is so much stuff that can take someone by surprise and in a matter of seconds, one wrong choice, one act of surrendering to temptation, and someone's life is turned upside down without the possibility to come back to the initial condition of the body and the soul.

This is going to take a while. Much longer than a road crew repaving a whole highway, just to give you an idea.

Just understanding what addiction is about is taking me a major chunk of time. I have read lots of books, listen to numerous speakers, attended hundreds of meetings. I have been very close to one and I watched her dealing with it until the very last second of her life. And I still work on understanding my problems.

So the purpose of this page on addiction is not to sell another idea or start a new business and become famous. The purpose here is for me to put together a plan to understand the power of addiction so I can fight with some success something I have lost to sin.

And among all the plans out there from people who know much more than me, I write for someone who has not found the knowledge and the understanding necessary to fight his/her addiction(s). And maybe what I am learning will be a start for you and help you make the tools that will empower you to get free from your addiction(s).

Addiction is a characteristic of God and all His creation. How we manage it defines our relationship with God and mankind.

What is at stake?

My heart

My spirit

God's mind
God's will
God's knowledge
God's memory
God's understanding
God's wisdom

My soul


My flesh

My mind
My will
My knowledge
My memory
My understanding
My wisdom