Inner Healing

My Story:

I went to a desert for 40 years.

It happens in phases: at first you get chosen, you get nurtured and you get ready, looking at mountain tops. Then something bad happens that isolates you and you start running away... And you keep running away... You settle in valleys for a very long time...Then someone calls you and you have the opportunity to turn around and come back progressively. With the right mindset you are back to the place where you were ready, having added 40 years of experience to your life. Yet far from being perfect, but more teachable than ever, now is the time to move on and help others.

God chose a faithful woman to get me out of there. She had a lot of issues but she was faithful. Obedience and Devotion were the ways she wanted to go. She told me to go to church and to pay my tithes. And so I did.

Throughout the process of trying to get to her deliverance, looking for real Christian Counseling, after decades of struggling with addictions, after she went through a childhood of abuses, we heard about Charles Kraft and his ministry, just like on the video you can watch by clicking on the books above.

She made an appointment for the 2 hours meeting he talks about but 3 days before meeting him, she fell in a coma and 7 days later she was taken home in Heaven.

So I went to the meeting between 2 visits at the hospital. Even though I did not have a long list of things to talk about, although I am a sinner saved by Grace, Dr. Kraft followed his routine and we went through the process.

While I was there, I did not feel anything very special and I was wondering what we had accomplished. But when I left his office and started walking on the sidewalk, I felt like I was flying, my legs would like take me up as if someone was carrying me. I was going to the hospital then to watch her die since all external assistance had been removed from her body the day prior and for the first time I could sit there, watch her and speak to her without crying.

As he tells everyone, Dr. Kraft told me to do the same thing to help others. He feels like he has no special gift and everyone who has the Holy Spirit should be ready for healing others, just like Jesus did.

If this story talks to you and if you are looking for help, we can organize a meeting and lead you to the process of Inner Healing as it is outlined and recommended by Dr. Charles Kraft. If the Holy Spirit shows up, anything can happen. If not, we'll try again, just as Dr. Kraft did when he started to pray for people...