Let's get informed! If you don't know much about missions, just like I did not have much of a grasp about what is going on, here are some places of interest that may open your mind. Click on images or logos.

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Fourth Street COG currently supports a range of missions, mainly through the ERC. You will find details in "Support Missionaries".


This website is devoted to the fulfillment of the Great Commission by providing helpful information for believers interested in getting involved in missions personally or simply deciding what types of mission efforts and agencies to support.



The Traveling Team has been stirring university students all over the country to rise up and join God in reaching the world for Jesus Christ. Think of us as a missions conference on wheels.

With thousands of campus meetings behind us and speaking engagements that include Urbana, Campus Crusade Winter and Summer Conferences, and Baptist State Retreats, it has been an incredible privilege to mobilize college students alongside some of the nation's best campus ministries.