Our history


The Fourth Street Church of God, located on the corner of 4th Street and 21st Avenue was established in 1906 as a missionary outreach to the Fairview suburb of Altoona, Pennsylvania.
In the early 1900’s Fairview was a growing edge of the city and fertile ground for the seed of God’s word.

Once established the church grew rapidly, leading to three separate building projects in its first thirty five years of existence.
The church grew to over 300 in Sunday School Attendance by its fiftieth anniversary.

During the turbulent 1960’s and throughout most of the 1970’s, the congregation at Fourth Street experienced significant decline both in attendance and in morale.
A survival mind set replaced the missionary zeal of the church’s founders and the future of the church was quite uncertain.  By the end of this period average attendance figures were below 80 and still falling.

Beginning in the late 1970’s and throughout the 1980’s the Fourth Street Church of God Pastors and Leadership fought against the trend of decline which by then had become epidemic in most denominations.
As a result of their stand and because of God’s blessing, the church experienced a new birth in the 1990’s and continued to move forward.  Worship attendance was averaging between 100 and 120 and a number of vital ministries were started to encourage further growth.

Ministries and programs which have contributed to church growth include: 

  • the Compassionate Friends--a support group for grieving parents, 

  • a Wednesday morning and Wednesday evening bible study for women,

  • a Wednesday evening Promise Keepers Bible Study for men, 

  • a Sunday morning ministry for and with the Deaf,   

  • Intensive Discipleship Classes for growing Christians,

  • and renewed nursery, Junior Church, and youth programs.

At present, the Fourth Street Church of God is an exciting place to visit and an exciting spiritual family to be a part of even though societal changes as well as the general mood and the passing of many members who were part of the late century revival have seen membership and attendance diminish.

Some of the things you will find when you visit Fourth Street:

  1. Biblical, evangelical theology.

  2. Warm acceptance regardless of past failures, race, economic, or educational status.

  3. A relaxed (some say very relaxed) dress code.

  4. A caring community.

  5. A healthy balance of laughter and tears.

  6. A concern for lost people.

  7. Blended styles of music and worship.