Christmas Caroling


We are a bunch of loving people. We are generous, we can express ourselves loudly and we'll be noticed wherever we go and for whatever we do.

We care for the sick and those who cannot move around as we do.

So every December, we pick a weekend and we'll go around the Greater Altoona area and visit the people who cannot make it to church. We sing, we share, we have gifts and we fill the atmosphere with a Joyful Noise.

And since 2013 we have taken Christmas caroling to another level by adding an accordion to the choir.

Nothing else can take a bunch of singers and keep them in tune and in pace, whether we are in a street or in a place.

On a Saturday and a Sunday from around 4PM to 7PM we go from place to place and visit our shut-ins. And then we finish the evening having dinner altogether and playing more music for all the guests around in that particular restaurant.