What’s coming up ?

  • Mon
    Garvey Manor

    Archie Keller has moved to Garvey Manor room c114.  Please Help us by sending a card or a note or better yet stop in and visit our long time elder friend and brother in Christ--Pastor Matt

  • Sun
    12PM, 2PM, 4PMHollidaysburg train station

    This is our day for entertaining the crowd coming to take a ride on the steam powered train.

    We have the music. We know what it means to make a joyful noise. And loud enough.

    We need a dozen people per train to really fill up with songs and bells. This means that nobody has to take all 3 rides. You can come early or late and leave early or late. We had Bare Memorial church people helping us last year.

    Bring anybody you want. All we ask for is happiness and friendliness on all our faces and in all our manners.

    Hot chocolate and cookies are provided after each ride. Inclement weather is not a burden: the cars are sealed and heated. It is a time and a place for taking great pictures.

    Just check out the Everett Railroad website by clicking right here.